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Friday, July 11, 2008

coffee and lemon yogurt

monotype/ collograph

I've been waking up earlier than usual lately so that I can have these sit down breakfasts. I make coffee and eat my yogurt and feel old. It's strange that I associate eating breakfast with age. But I think it has something to do with the regularity of it and the fact that I'm living in a house that isn't my parents and the fact that there is no one else here. Jay is always asleep. I feel like I'm forty and single.

I enjoy the solitude of it. I love clinging to my hot coffee like Frannie and pouring over War and Peace, or just thinking. I like being alone. Mark Rothko said that solitude is the only way for us to make revelations in our lives. It is only inside our heads that we can change and alter our perspectives. I thrive on those moments. I love existing for an hour or a day entirely inside my head. People are fine too, but the summers always remind me of the importance of solitude


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