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Saturday, May 15, 2010

GMIWC Postal Constituent Issue 7!

Issue Seven is here! It is a screen printed accordian style comic and tells the story of Colmcille, An Irish saint who copied a book of psalms from another monk's library, inciting a war that killed three thousand men.

Each book is taking me a long time to make as I have to hinge and fold them individually. If you have not yet subscribed now is the time. If I have any of these left after May, I will be selling them for more than three dollars.

There are some reviews of my work up at the Daily Crosshatch here and The Comics Journal here. Go check them out.

The first one talks mostly about the Postal Constituent, while the second one focuses on the longer form books and is a little bit more critical. But criticism is good. I was feeling kind of uneasy because things seemed to be going so smoothly. Some one was bound to comment on my complete disregard for rulers and pencils at some point. Of course I am all too impatient for such things. The good news is that his most critical comments are about the oldest work. This makes sense, my drawing style is a new born babe which has only recently evolved.

The TCJ review is titled Mortimer Adler's dream (!!!). While I am not sure if old Morty would really like me that much this really warmed my heart.



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