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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canzine! Printopolis! Toronto!

So I am in Toronto for the weekend in honor of Printopolis and the Canzine fair. I gave a talk at OCAD on friday, saw some lovely prints around town, ate some crepes and chinese food and most importantly went to this store:

There are literally PILES of treasure in this place. Things spill out into the one narrow aisle until you cannot possibly walk any further back. There are random gears extracted from music boxes, typewriters, old suitcases, a couple select books (the dictionary of symbolism, caught my eye) and many an old fan. I did not buy anything, and nothing had a price tag on it, but this shop single handedly made me love Toronto. Well that and this mind blowing David Hoffos exhibit at the Museum for Contemporary Canadian Art. Tiny little windows into other worlds. People disappearing and then reappearing. Peep holes into how the magic happens. Mirrors, televisions, tape and magic. Serious.

Anywho. I will be at the Canzine festival tomorrow peddling my wares. Please come if you are in or Around Toronto. I'm pretty sure it would be worth the drive if you can go see the David Hoffos exhibit. Not kidding. Besides the fair takes place in this lovely building

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Issue 11!

The Great Moments in Western Civ Postal Constituent Issue 11 is finished. And while subscribers will be receiving the September issue in October, they will be happy to know that I survived a car accident that had be hydroplaning across the I-190 twice. Coffee went flying and my room mate, Katrina, and I emerged from the wreckage sopping and confused but alive. My dear car Ethel is gone for good, but we did find a snail in the parking lot of the Carstar and he is now our anti-social studio pet. His name is Eisenhower, which is the other name of my car. I am convinced my vehical was reincarnated as a snail. I tried to wake him up for this photo-op but he would have none of it.

Snails aside issue 11 is all about Franz Kafka and the way his biographers seem to fundementally disagree about who he was. It includes fold out pages and a screen printed cover. All very exciting, I promise.