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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Wild Hunt

This is a preview of the December Comic. One of my first forays into fiction. Click to enlarge. It's loosely based on this ancient european folktale. I'm not sure how I'll lay out the final version. It's more of a picture book than a comic, and I'd like to keep the pages nice a breathy, but we'll see how I end up handling it. I've been really excited lately about trying to draw comics like I drew stories when I was a kid (really fast, no planning, lying on the floor of my bedroom.) I'm getting really close to that with this one. I've done zero pencil sketching. Everything is drawn straight in ink. No preliminary sketching or anything.

I'm only about half done drawing it so it'll still be a while before I get it in the mail, but I just wanted to share a bit of it with the Interweb.

I am in Chicago, It is my Birthday and I insisted on spending the entire day working on comics. It has been down right pleasant. I've been listening to Dock Boggs and Uncle Dave Macon and feeling all festive and American and such like.

Good News. I'm going to be at TCAF this year! It's kind of a juried festival and I did not get in last year so this is kind of exciting news. I've heard only good things about it and it is exceptionally close to Buffalo.



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