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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Crisis of Being in Binary! Postal Constituent!

The second January issue of the Great Moments in Western Civilization Postal Constituent is here! This means I have finally caught up and that I only have to worry about one comic in February. On top of all that they are limited edition letter press/ screen prints! I went totally overboard and made a fancy sleeve for them and everything. Members will be receiving one of the two different prints I have made so far. Eventually this series will have four different prints. I'm pretty excited about them. Letterpress is really important guys. I literally hand set every single letter seen below. Like I picked up the little lead letter and put it in a row with all the other letters and then I printed it. I was learning what it meant to think in printed prose all over again and it was serious. The entire history of the Western world emanates from those cases of type. And so, by extension, through these prints. I hope you guys like it! If you haven't subscribed you can do so here. But FYI, these will only be available if you subscribe today. Tomorrow is Feb 1st and new subscribers will get the February issue only.

Great Moments in Western Civ will be taking the Toronto Subway system by storm starting tomorrow. Check it out over at the Art For Commuters website. They will be showing one letter from my Not So Great Moments in Western Civ: An Alphabet of Reasoned Failure book, everyday on the monitors until they finish.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

GMIWC Postal Constituent Vol 2 Issue 2 is here.

I already posted a preview of the contents, but wanted to let everybody see how the book turned out. It's a Twenty-Four Page recreation of an Ancient European myth starring a nice little boy who coughs up blood. It will be arriving shortly in subscribers' mailboxes.