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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Postal Constituent Volume 2 Issue 4: A Thing about THINGS

Volume 2 Issue 4 is here. A fold out Thing about Things. Subscribers will be able to hold this THING in their hands so soon.

A higher res scan is coming, but I didn't want to ruin the reading experience for subscribers, so, you know.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tabula Emphaticus-PEEPSHOW 2011!!!

So it's been a busy couple of weeks. I'm in the thick of finishing up the next issue of the Postal Constituent. I should be mailing them out tomorrow, but I just wanted to update with some photos and links from my recent performance at Squeaky Wheel's Peep Show 2011.

I was interviewed in Artvoice before the event so you should read it here. I'm all the way at the bottom of the page looking totally insane in the best way possible.

Overall the event went swimmingly and I am still trying to figure out how I will be assessing all of the information so as to make a final conglomerate statement of all the statements I was given. I have everything recorded. It all gets better as people get drunker. I promise. I will be posting more sometime in the future after I get back from China. I am going to China. Friday... Which is soon. eek.

I've also pasted my project proposal below for posterity.

Here's a picture of me figuring things out with my friend Marc. Marc had two projects on view. One with our friends Kyle and Alice for their artist platoon MommyDaddyBaby. The other was the motivational high tech team building activity Eyeswap, with our friends Alice and Tim. Crazy, mind bending, vision switching for the sake of the community. You should probably hire them for your next corporate event. Or at least read more about Eyeswap here to find out why Marc hates analog artists.
Photo credits: High Quality photos by Shasti O'leary-Soudant, Iphone shots by Katrina Boemig.

PeepShow 2011 Project Proposal[1] for Caitlin Cass

There was a time when dialogue was encouraged. We talked about things. We tried to get to the bottom of things. That time has since died, has gone up in flames along with Truth, God and the sanctity of the liberal arts. Our cities are festering, fermenting, with apathy. Our minds are pickling in jars and Rush Limbaugh is hanging them on placards next to his stag antlers—his moose head. Dialogue has retreated behind the ever-growing white walls of academia where it is being used and abused to convince our youth that they want to be lawyers. Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a lawyer.

The goal of this project is open it up, flesh it out, and bring back the passion. The goal of this project is to show the world that it is okay to think; to remind them that their waking hours do not need to be spent festering away on Limbaugh’s bookshelf. There is something to be said here, and we are going to say it. The artist intends to engage in one on one conversations with strangers, to get them to really think about how we can make sense of what we’re given. She will be carrying a cigarette tray, filled to the brim not with cigarettes but with ideas. These ideas will manifest themselves on small cards, printed in English, in a tasteful serif font:

--Universal Truth

--The Mind-Body Problem

--The Infinite Divisibility of the Particle.

All just some of the notions that will be discussed. But these things are abstract, elusive, so in order to pin them down, to bring them back to Earth, The tray will also provide a series of objects, a series of things from which to work. Small things, trifles really, marbles, forks, carrot sticks. The artist will beg the crowd to help her figure it out; to construct a system, to make sense of what the tray has given.

-How, sir, can we connect this eggbeater with the notion of Universal Truth? Where should we begin? I see what you’re saying and you’re right, first we must list the pertinent characteristics of this eggbeater and begin to understand how it in itself is universal. Such a lovely object, so utilitarian. If a thing is universally useful it must be universally true am I right?

The conversations will be lasting and pertinent. We’ll work toward unpacking the absurd: on confronting it, acknowledging it, embracing it. We will see a glimpse, the glory of the process; we will realize that truth does not necessitate genius, that it can instead spill out of the mundane, the silly, the mediocre. All while taking meticulous notes of course.

[1] This project requires no technological support or equipment. The artist will be bringing art to the people, in the crowd, one-on-one or perhaps in small groups. There was no room for such explicit statements in the proposal. Thus the footnote.