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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey remember when I mentioned that my comics were on the Toronto Subway monitors?

Here's a picture.

Again for posterity.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back From China!/ VOLUME 2 ISSUE 5: Qin Shi Huang

I'm back from China and I have a brand new Postal Constituent for your viewing pleasure. It looks like this:

And chronicles several of the nefarious goings-on of one Qin Shi Huang, the self proclaimed First Emperor of China. Practically true! Great Moments in Western Civilization takes a break from Western Civilization to bring you a little snippet of Eastern Civilization. These will arrive in subscribers mailboxes briefly! And they come in imported envelopes that I had to glue shut. Like with a glue stick.

I wanted to do something with the Great Wall, and happily stumbled upon this lovely little story, which I have re-figured to suit my fancy. In my research I was pleasantly surprised the discover a Borges Essay about the very same thing. I've been on a Borges kick lately. You should read it here.

For Posterity here is a picture of me on the Great Wall.