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Monday, May 9, 2011

TCAF 2011

I had a great weekend in Toronto. It was my first TCAF and I sold a ton of comics. Which means I just about broke even after travel, lodging and tabling fees. Which makes it entirely worth it. TCAF is a great festival and the fact that it is free to prospective shoppers is a huge boon. On top of everything there was plenty of room behind my table and volunteers kept coming by and asking if I needed any coffee. Which I didn't. Because I already had four coffees (Granted one was remarkably small because apparently Tim Horton's sizes are different in Canada. What we call a small is a medium there. But as an uncouth American I had no qualms drinking multiple cups.)

Anyway, Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table, and stuck around long enough to experience the side effects of the caffeine.

Here's the stuff I came home with. The last few times I've been to these things I never give myself the chance to walk around, and thus see/buy very little. But Marc was with me this time, so I tore myself away from the table for long enough to procure the following. I went downstairs with 20 Canadian dollars to limit myself and ended up spending all of it, plus 10 American dollars within minutes. Marc got the Acme Novelty 18 copy signed for me.

-The newest Sundays anthology from the kind folks at One Percent Press.
-Acme Novelty Library 18
-Lucy Knisley's. Pretty Little Book, which is mostly material that can be found online, but printed in full color with some lovely raised black ink
-And Ryan Claytor's newest installment of his project And Then One Day.

A few people also gave me some of their books when they stopped by my table. Haven't read them yet, but am posting them here for posterity because I am an appreciator of free reading material. And some of the drawings look quite nice on the first page through.

Also there is a write up about TCAF over at the Torontoist. They talk about how poor I am:



Blogger Ryan Claytor said...

Hi Caitlin,

Thanks for the mention of my latest book. I hope you enjoyed it.


Ryan Claytor
Elephant Eater Comics

June 7, 2011 at 2:08:00 PM MDT  

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