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Saturday, July 30, 2011


The Great Moments In Western Civilization is here! 8.5 x 22" this fold out poster, made while in residence at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, offers you luke warm words of inspiration for that hard day at the office. Say good bye to the days of posters promising that there is no place to go but up and that your miserable life will pay off in the end. Here at the Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative, we know that's just not true. But this hasn't stopped us from putting everything in perspective a little bit. So become a subscriber now and Hang a fetus on your wall as reminder: your problems lack significance!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Elsewhere Family Photo July 15, 2011

So I'm in the approximate center of a month long residency at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, and I'm having a lovely time making things and scavenging through enormous piles of things. In case I haven't yet explained it, Elsewhere is a thrift store turned living museum, where cast-off objects become fodder for art projects. It's a colorful, chaotic, startlingly public, wonderland. And merits a visit if you ever get the chance.

I'm hard at work on my project making a Book of Books for the Elsewhere Library. Here's my proposal (the actual proposal has footnotes to explain the figure below). I'm basically making an unconventional field guide/ catalogue/ encyclopedia for the library that will aspire to contain everything, beg you to put forth your contribution, but inevitably remain incomplete. Just finished putting holes in 100 signatures. That's 500 sheets of paper folded in half to become the 2000 pages that will make up the final book.

The book is divided in sections labeled, convenlently, with symbols (i.e. e, 447, q , ü , Q)
Sections are then described briefly. So far I have in no particular order:

Section 5- Wherein we collect the missing pages long separated from the Elsewhere library books and identify them so as to ensure your continued library enjoyment

Section Q- Wherein we archive book plates from the elsewhere library, their respective owners and possible whereabouts

Section q- Wherein we diligently copy hand written notes from the margins of elsewhere books in effort to better understand our historic readership

Section F7- Wherein we poetically visualize and describe books from the elsewhere library so as to encourage you to read the aforementioned books from the Elsewhere Library

Section 4.2- Wherein we analyze the color choices in Elsewhere Library Coloring Books

Section W - Wherein we collect Diagrams and schemata from the elsewhere library in effort to visualize human consciousness

Section ü- Wherein we re-contextualize illustrations from the collection with disparate sentences also from the collection

Section XVI
Wherein we collect Drawings of notable endpapers in the elsewhere library

Section 478- Wherein we collect representations of stamps or insignias denoting that a book was made during war time

Section Lamda (the lower case spionic lamda, but I don't want to spend the time copy and pasting)- Wherein Characters From the Collection offer us Imagined Words of Luke Warm Encouragement

That final section (section lamda) has also been converted a poster for this months postal constituent! I don't have access to screen printing facilities here so I had to order them, and they should be arriving in a few days for me to ship out!

Above please find, my workspace and a sneak preview of section Q and section lamda!

Above please find me working awkwardly in extreme North Carolina July Heat.

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