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Sunday, October 2, 2011

vol 2 issue 11: Ole Midge!

New Issue of the Postal Constituent. I finished printing it late friday night. It documents the horrifying story of one Thomas Midgley, Jr, an inventor that just can't seem to do right for the world.
And Great Moments in Western Civ wouldn't be Great Moments in Western Civ without a really horrifying death scene.

As soon as the comic was printed I was off to Toronto's Nuit Blanche to dance the night away with Saving us from Destruction, an international dance sensation. See why I now have a terrible hacking cough and a sore throat at www.vimeo.com/sufd (videos of me screaming from a parapet should be posted in the next day or too.)

Comics should be going out tomorrow. Keep your eyes on those mailboxes.

Also I have plans to start scanning and uploading complete readable versions of the archived comics, so if you aren't a member, or a member who joined recently, stick around!