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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Build Your Own History with these handy Inspirational Wheels!

The new Postal Constituent is here! One lovely fold out, screen printed poster that promises to help you make history.  The Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative answers the question: "How do you think of these things?" In this single document we show you how those post modern carnival games can be utilized to suit your fancy. Subscribe here.

 In the mail tomorrow.

In other news, Art-Of-Fact opened last Friday in St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada. It is an art show come covert history exhibit celebrating the War of 1812 bicentennial.  I am one of five artists commissioned to create an art installation in a museum display case. Everyone made interesting work and I am happy to be involved with it! See me talk about my project in the video below. And if your in St. Catherines stop by the St. Catherine's Museum to see it. They also have a whole exhibit dedicated to the history of Lacrosse, an amazing scuba diving suit circa the early 1900s and a freaking life size boat diorama with moving scenery so it looks like you're actually on the river!

And finally, I have plans to start updating my site regularly with out of print postal constituent comics! Starting Monday! So make sure to check back!

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