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Thursday, August 2, 2012


This months issue of the Postal Constituent doubles as the first issue of a new serial comic called THE INDEX. We at the Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative have spent the past two and a half years in brevity. We've summed up men's lives in less then five pages, we've given you the vast history of Western Failure in one brief accordion scroll. We have short attention spans. We like to keep things short and keep things moving, but we also like to experiment, and so, we have begun a long form comic and the first issue will shortly be in subscribers mailboxes and available for order over at the Great Moments in Western Civilization Internet Emporium.

No. 1 The Prelude, lays the groundwork for what's to come: Two people, one small house in the high New Mexican desert and a cabinet full of index cards. THE EXCITEMENT.

Here I am below, cutting out the prelude-wedge 75 times (and more to come).

We at the cooperative are not yet sure how long this series will be, but we cannot imagine finishing in less then ten issues. Over the next few months, new issues of the postal constituent will be split between new issues of the Index and our more traditional short form and fold out (suitable for framing) comics.

In other news I've just recently finished graduate school at the University at Buffalo, which means I had to move out of my posh studio with giant skylight. But not to worry, the Cooperative has found a new home in the attic. It is the best attic ever and it is included in my already cheap rent. This is why you should move to Buffalo.

Please note the quality of that eave reading nook. I built the flat file shelf on the bottom right using pre-fabricated handrails I bought at home depot. YES I DID. It fits perfectly into the eave AND holds most of my drawings and prints.

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