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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Western Cannon

 Some Things!
1. I've started a new series of drawings called THE WESTERN CANNON (pun intended).  LOOK!

These drawings go next to each other (so that the pile continues right to left) but blogger doesn't like that idea. Anyway this is where they throw the prisoners. To see who they are keep watching. The tower will grow up into the sky approximately once a week!

2. I've finally given this blog the proper name! Good-bye Sleeping-In-Cars hello Great Moments in Western Civilization Blog! It's about time. For those of you who were wondering Sleeping-in-cars just happens to be one of the cooperative's favorite things to do. We like to sleep in moving cars while people talk around us. We also at one point thought it was a good name because it indicated the likely outcome of pursuing an art career. It is left over from an earlier time. Don't worry, the old blog address still works too, it now redirects to blog.greatmomentsinwesternciv.com

3. www.greatmomentsinwesternciv.com has had some serious updates, in the "constructions" and "drawing" categories check it out!

4. Optical Sloth reviewed The Index No. 1. Read it here: Optical Sloth. Also note that optical sloth is pretty good at guessing. This comic costs $3.50 and is available for purchase in the Great Moments In Western Civ Internet Emporium. I didn't put a price on it because I sell basically all of my products online, where price tags are kind of unnecessary.

 5. The Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative's Museum of Failure's Nomadic Display mechanism had it's first public display and performance last week. We talked about archiving and indexing and explained why our Museum was a failure before we even opened it. All on a sweltering afternoon in Buffalo's lovely Days Park. It was part of the Buffalo Infringement Festival. More pictures here.

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