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Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Infinite Interlude

The New Great Moments in Western Civilization Postal Constituent is here. A fold-out, screen-printed Infinite Interlude that illuminates the psychological torment of The Index's main characters. Read yourself in circles as John and Susan stare into each other's eyes, inciting a feedback loop that may never end.

I'm leaving for a printmaking residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium tomorrow and so sadly must close the Internet Emporium until I get back after Thanksgiving. If you want to buy comics from us in the next month please visit Quimby's online or in person. This does not apply to new subscriptions. You can still get those on the GREAT MOMENTS WEBSITE! I'll be sending the next issue from Belgium! (or possibly to a USA citizen, who will then send them on to you so as to save money on postage.)

Also, in case you missed it the entire first issue of the Index is now available to read for free online.

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