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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Prisoner Escapes. Bertrand, Ludwig & the Hippopotamus

Finally choosing just one book, our prisoner of the Western Cannon is finally free to climb out of indecision. Look Onward and Upward always young prisoner. Just whatever you do don't look back.

 I know I said these Western Cannon drawings would update once a week, but it seems that the Postal Constituent monthly deadline is all the deadline I need. These drawings were supposed to be a break from the hum drum of having to keep coming up with things on command, so I'm going to post them as they come to me rather than force them into existence.

Also, I'm realizing that not everything I do has to be part of some kind of ongoing series. So below find a of drawing of Good Old Bertrand (Russell) in debate with Good Old Ludwig (Wittgenstein).
According to academic folklore, Russell and Wittgenstein once found themselves in a comical debate about a hippopotamus in a Cambridge lecture hall. Wittgenstein was a student of Russell's and once interrupted Russell to declare that all existential propositions were meaningless. Taking the bait Russell came up with the statement "There is no hippopotamus in this room at present." When Wittgenstein held tight to his belief, Russell began over turning tables and chairs looking for the hippopotamus.

We at the Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative, just wanted to let you know that even even-toed ungulates* have a place in Western Philosophy. We intend to keep looking for our hippopotamus and our perfect book.

*Don't worry this isn't like vocabulary that already exists in our head, we just looked hippos up on wikipedia, and thought the words were funny.

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