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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Volume Three Issue Ten of The Postal Constituent is here. Here at the cooperative we hope you'll frame this tiny etching and look at it whenever the world starts to get you down. You are just a tiny speck stuck between two infinities in an entirely indifferent universe. Or as Jimmie Durham quoted Jose Saramago in an exhibit we saw in Antwerp a few weeks ago:

And because it's Halloween here is a photograph of a nurse inside of a pumpkin:
(taken at the PompoenRegatta in Kasterlee, Belgium this past weekend.)



This is my house! I'm here at The Frans Masereel Centrum for six weeks making etchings and enjoying this strange magical town filled with giant pumpkins, red speckled mushrooms and bread vending machines.

Marc's here too. He's helping me print and working on stuff. He brought his desktop computer here in a terribly fancy wooden crate of his own construction. We spend most of our days making art, applying/ looking for jobs/ opportunites, and riding our government issued bicycles to the grocery store. But this one time we went to Amsterdam for less than 48 hours. Here's Marc on a lovely misty morning along the canal, on the way to the Stedelijk Museum (which of course was closed because it was Monday, but lucky for me I've already seen it, because I hung out with my Mom in Amsterdam for a whole four days before Marc got here. Thanks Mom!)

Anyway, I've been making a series of wordless Narrative Etchings in this dome shaped print shop inspired in part by the shop's namesake: old Frans Masereel himself. 

Here's The first one:
The Feeding, Hard Ground Etching with Aquatint, October 2012

Of course, Ol' Masereel made 100+ page woodcut novels, and I'm thinking this story will only be around ten prints long. I'm printing 15 of each for a total of 150 prints, which is not a lot, but I plan to reformat them and make em into a little book (digitally printed) which should be available next month, possibly even as the Postal Constituent!

Also, I have work in this show in Philadelphia, which ended four days ago and I forgot to mention, but here is a nice review with lots of pictures!