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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Volume 3 Issue 2 of the Postal Constituent- Contribution

Volume 3 Issue 11 of the Postal Constituent is here! Reduced in high quality photocopies from the original hand pulled etchings, this 5" x 5.5" mini-comic sends our readers on another quest toward that ever distant sky. Watch our young academics consume books, digest them (quite literally) and pile their “achievements” atop an ever-growing pile of cast-off inventions, awards and domestic bric-a-brac. Glower as they dive back into the abyss!

The Cooperative hauled the original Contribution prints halfway around the world to bring them to the Postal Constituent. All 165 of them (plus proofs not pictured).
 These here etchings traveled by bus and Train across the Belgian countryside, they journeyed across France and beneath he English Channel via high speed rail. They were lugged up and down the London Underground's many staircases, and sat dormant above the heads of unsuspecting passengers all the way across the Atlantic ocean.
In Chicago, six weeks of work diligently etching and inking and printing were squandered in a matter of mere days as the entire 11 plate saga was reduced to a Black and White photocopied zine, Now available in the Internet Emporium. 

Of course you can also buy the originals individually for an incredibly reasonable price by contacting us!

In other news, I am back in Buffalo. It is snowing and I am cuddled up next to the space heater in this drafty old attic, drinking tea.  It feels good to be back, America!