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Friday, January 18, 2013

Volume 3 Issue 12 of the Postal Constituent! The Postal Constituent Goes Bi-Monthly

Finally, almost a month late, the Postal Constituent Volume 3 Issue 12 is here. The Salon is a miniature mail-order art show collecting some of your favorite historical figures as they build towers and cower in a sea of ink. This poster corresponds to a real live portion of our exhibition on view until March 2nd at the Olean Public Library Gallery.

Big Announcement: With the closing of this, the third volume, The Postal Constituent is going Bi-Monthly (as in every other month).

We are doing this because we've been getting behind on issues and it's unfair to subscribers to keep sending issues out late. We've been getting behind because issues are getting longer and more complex. We started The Index back in August, but because of time constraints we have not been able to release a new issue since September. While this time off from the Index is probably going to pay off in the end we really want to start working with it again. In order to do that we are moving to the Bi-Monthly release schedule. If you're a paypal subscriber please go here to find out how this will effect your payments.

Since The Salon was supposed to come out in December, subscribers will still receive an issue next month, February, but from there on out comics will skip a month.

This will also give us time to put together an anthology of the first three years of the Postal Constituent which we hope to have ready by TCAF in May!