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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Index #4

Issue Four of The Index is here! Catch up with John and Susan lost in the Great Library of Alexandria, meet Diogenes, find out how people eat around here anyway. Just dropped these in the mail minutes ago so they should be arriving in subscriber mailboxes shortly.

These comics come complete with a screen-printed cover. This is the first run I've done from my home studio! Here's a picture of me in the middle of printing 250 covers. Marc helped. Thanks Marc.

I'm in Oswego, New York for the month of July co-teaching a class for NYSSSA, living in a little cabin on the lake. It's lovely but time-consuming.  I have a little corner to make work in and it is pretty darn cute here all in all, but we'll see how I feel after we teach our first class tomorrow.

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