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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Those Indolent Greeks, Vol 4 Issue 4 of the Postal Constituent

 Volume 4 Issue 4 of the Postal Constituent is at the printer! In this issues Greek Philosophers flounder in moments of candid self-doubt and self-described lethargy. This issue will be mailed out to subscribers next week and will make it's public debut the following week at SPX in Bethesda, MD!
I've been making the postal constituent for about three and half years now and I'm starting to see some patterns. One such pattern is that towards the end of each summer thus far I've hit a sort of creative block, this block often results in weirder comics. This one is no exception.  I've been stressed about not having time to make art this fall as I am starting a full time job teaching high school art. This got me considering all the ways people stop themselves from doing creative things. Most of it has to do with self-doubt. So this comic was a kind of therapy for me. I sat down and imagined that a bunch of Greek Philosophers experienced the same self-doubt that everyone else does. I find it comforting, maybe you will too.

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