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Monday, November 18, 2013

Index no. 5: The Scrolls/ Volume 4 Issue 5 of the Postal Constituent.

A brand new issue of The Index is shipping to Subscribers as we speak! In this issue Susan and John start reading the scrolls in the Great Library of Alexandria. What will they discover?

With this issue The Index is officially 75 pages long. That means it is exactly the same length as John's Dissertation was when he stopped writing it. Luckily the cooperative sees no end in site ( at least not for a couple more issues.)

If you're new to The Index read the first issue here to find out what it's all about. If you enjoy it you can purchase issues 1-4 here. I will also be at the WNYBAC last minute holiday market place Friday and Saturday December 13 and 14th here in Buffalo selling my wares.

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