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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Index 5 is Tardy, but The Museum of Failure was in the Subway

 So the truth is The Postal Constituent is late! The good news is that it is the fifth issue of The Index! I'm just finishing up the 11th page and have four more to go. It should be finished and in the mail by next weekend. That means that the first 75 pages of The Index are almost complete! This also means subscribers will be getting comics two months in a row as I get myself back on schedule.
This is where I draw things. Marc made me that nice drafting table over the summer. It has an antique iron base and the whole top swivels around. It's the greatest drafting table ever.

 One of the reasons this issue is late was that The Museum of Failure happened in the Subway! Eek! Here are some pictures:
 It was part of an event curated by Sugar City called "Ride the Metro Round and Round". All participants rode the metro as a group which meant that when they arrived at my stop a TON of people piled in to look at the Museum all at once. For a moment I was pretty terrified that the whole darn thing was going to fall over. Yeesh.
 It was a really great event with music, art and performances at each stop. Thanks Sugar City!
Please note that those are our bedroom curtains.  The Museum of Failure In The Subway was a condensed version of the museum, but there will be a full on Museum of Failure Exhibition in just a few short months! It will be showing at the University of Rochester's Hartnett Gallery in January!  Every rendition of the Museum is a little different and the one in Rochester will include a whole lot of embroidery, so that means I'm going to be embroidering like mad over the next few months.

And when I am not embroidering or making comics I will be teaching! Here's a suitcase of thrift store bric-a-brac painted white and lying in wait for a recent project I assigned to my mixed media class.  All of a sudden I am a High School art teacher and have been for over two months.

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