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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Seven Liberal Arts

 The final issue of the 4th Volume of the Postal Constituent is here. It's a spoof on this beautiful old map of the liberal arts from the 12th century:
 Of course in the old version the seven arts necessary to produce a free, worthwhile individual were harmoniously connected in a circle with philosophy acting as the guiding central force. In the Postal Constituent version these seven liberal arts create a tower reminiscent of Dante's Purgatory. Philosophy functions as a ski lift, picking folks up from the inky abyss at the bottom and throwing them back down in the end.
I made the original drawing about a year ago and never got around to adapting it into a Postal Constituent until now. The drawing is 30" x 40" which made reducing it very difficult. I finally came upon a method cutting out smaller scenes from the larger image and giving a "tour" of the drawing in book form. The final product is 32 pages and 3.5" x 5".

These are in the mail to subscribers as we speak!

And with that, we are on to Volume 5 and the fifth year of Postal Constituent comics! eek!

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