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Friday, June 27, 2014

GREAT AMERICAN INVENTIONS, Volume 5, Issue 3 of the Postal Constituent

A brand new issue of the Postal Constituent is here! Just in time for Independence Day here's a screen printed, fold-out poster documenting the best inventions in American History. Inventions are gathered in this concise format so that you might marvel at American ingenuity with ease, from the cotton gin to the zipper ride. Each Invention comes complete with a snappy slogan so that you can remember why it mattered to the development of this fine nation. These puppies are in the mail to subscribers as we speak! Keep an eye on those mailboxes. 

Posters are 12.5" x 19" on Night Shift Blue colored French Paper and hand printed in a limited edition of 80.  Click the image above for a close up.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Buffalo: High Hopes and Dead Elm Trees

Volume 5 issue 2 of the Postal Constituent is here. Complete with a fold out print and accordion comic, Buffalo: High Hopes and Dead Elm Trees documents Buffalo's Go Ahead attitude towards redevelopment and how it often led to incredibly bad decisions. See what happens when downtown becomes a giant parking garage. Ogle as the city replaces entire neighborhoods with litter strewn lots. This comic comes complete with the Pan American Exposition comic  recently posted plus several pages of brand new content! It debuted at CAKE in Chicago this past weekend and will be in Subscriber's mailboxes this week! I'll also have copies this weekend at the Grand Comics Festival in Brooklyn!

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